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Carmen Roman, Ph.D

Carmen's photoI am a priestess. I use words, my hands, some tea or a meal to heal those who come for help.

I have a PhD and an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, with a specialization in Creative Expression Arts from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. I am also a trained in Shamanism from Mexico.

Spirit calls me often to serve those who are losing faith in life; I also work with those facing the struggles of being undocumented immigrants. Back in Mexico, fostering the emotional and spiritual growth of Jesuit seminarians and counselors in training has also been a rewarding part of my career.

I am a co-founder of the new Spiritual Guidance Network, through which women and men can be connected to those offering spiritual guidance and spiritual life coaching across the U.S.

My self-care practices include dancing, cooking, painting, yoga, hiking, and Aikido. Swimming and drinking tea with friends are my passions as well. I am a bilingual and bicultural life coach at Armonia Emocional, I sometimes blog at Mornings with Carmen; my YouTube channel is Lecciones de Vida. My phone is 650 223 5980 and my email is

My offerings:


  • Spiritual guidance session. (60 minutes each). In this time you can safely explore your soul needs with care and self-compassion. You either want to talk about your religion or no religion at all. To me, spiritual practice is a personal choice and sometimes people decide to have their practice under a religion set of rituals. Feel free to incorporate anything you need for your session like your religious text or sacred images.
  • 5- 10 sessions of Ritual-making. Rituals helps us to do smoother transitions in life. I will help you in designing one for you and or helping to perform that. Some examples are: an anniversary, a new born in the family, marriage, divorce, new degree or leaving school, moving to a different place, etc)
  • Altar making. altars can be made at home to celebrate the life of those we are not with us anymore. They can also be made for those who are in difficult time in their lives now. An altar is a healing way to approach sensitive situations at home. It often bring people together by “doing” something.

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