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D’vorah J. Grenn, Ph.D

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D’vorah J. Grenn, Ph. D. served as Chair and Executive Core Faculty in the Women’s Spirituality MA and Certificate programs at Sofia University in Palo Alto through 2015. She was founding priestess/kohenet of Mishkan Shekhinah (2007), a movable sanctuary honoring the Sacred Feminine in all spiritual traditions, and founded The Lilith Institute in 1997, producing San Francisco Bay Area women’s spirituality/study circles, classes and public rituals. Dr. Grenn’s dissertation, “For She Is A Tree of Life: Shared Roots Connecting Women to Deity” was an inquiry into Jewish women’s religious/cultural identities, beliefs and ritual practices among South African Lemba and United States women.

Her other writings include Lilith’s Fire: Reclaiming our Sacred Lifeforce (Universal Publishers, 2000); chapters in She is Everywhere, Volumes I and II (iUniverse, 2005, 2008); “The Kohanot: Keepers of the Flame” in Stepping into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writing on Priestesses (Goddess Ink, 2014) and journal articles in the Journal of Feminist Theology and Metaformia: A Journal of Menstruation and Culture.

Dr. Grenn’s Talking To Goddess (2009) is an anthology of sacred writings by 72 women from 25 spiritual traditions, including blessings, prayer-poems, oriki, meditations, and invocations. Dr. Grenn’s research includes ongoing explorations of the role of the ancient and contemporary priestess, ancestor reverence, women’s contemporary ritual practices, and midrash as a liberating literary genre.

She is co-founder of the Spiritual Guidance Network, through which women and men can be connected to those offering spiritual guidance and spiritual life coaching across the U.S.  She is a member of Spiritual Directors International and was on the founding Advisory Board of the Kohenet Priestess Training Institute.


How I Approach My Practice:

I offer clients a multi-faith attentive presence, serving as a spiritual companion for those experiencing difficult life transitions, encountering a crisis of faith, and for those who simply want to be witnessed and listened to as they seek to make meaning out of their lives.

A daily spiritual practice is a strong part of my own self-care, a necessary element for my spiritual and emotional health, and something I work on with those clients looking to create such a practice.  This may manifest as working with clients to find or create blessings or chants that have authentic meaning for them; conscientious, thoughtful ritual creation; or building of personal altars or “intentional spaces” in one’s home or office.

Among the experiential tools I offer are:

  • Various forms of divination in which interpretation is done together with the client
  • Exploration of the divine/human attributes (as expressed on the Tree of Life) in one’s own life, focusing as needed on those areas requiring special attention
  • Guided visualization
  • Exploration of various conflict transformation techniques
  • Referrals are available for people seeking therapy (individual, family and couples counseling); somatic and energy healing; creation of ethical wills; recording your own or family members’ oral histories (through creation of a DVD or in writing).

Sessions are 50 minutes and can be arranged in person, or via Skype. My fees are based on a sliding scale.

Please contact me for a complimentary initial consultation at 650-863-1986 or


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