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Pastor Sharon Rigby Osborn, MDiv, MA

sharon picHelping people tell their sacred stories and evoking meaningful conversations has been Sharon’s specialty ever since she was young.  And this is how she describes spiritual guidance.  She sees all life as sacred, and offers her clients a safe space to tell their stories, to name and claim their own truths, to release things that may be preventing them from moving forward in their lives, and to live with more authenticity, wholeness, and freedom.

Through years of offering pastoral care, Sharon discovered the healing power of being fully present to another person.  She seeks to offer this to every client.  She is compassionate, nonjudgmental, down-to-earth, and full of passion for life.

In addition to listening to and encouraging her clients, Sharon offers helpful grounding rituals, simple breathing exercises, and QiGong Energy Healing techniques.  She also assists clients in creating personal rituals to honor and/or transition through significant life events.

Sharon completed a Master of Divinity Degree at Wesley Theological Seminary and a Master of Arts in Women’s Spirituality from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, with an emphasis in Creative Expression.   She also studied Spring Forest QiGong Energy Healing, Levels 1-4, with Master Chun Yi Lin and associates. She is creating a space for a more embodied spirituality, honoring the Sacred Feminine, practicing mindfulness, and rebuilding her spiritual strength from the inside out.

Sharon’s Offerings:

Safe space — This is a place to take off your mask and breathe a while!  Who knew how good that could feel, and how freeing and healing that can be!

Grounding rituals – Simple techniques help you to connect with the strong, supportive energy of the earth, creating stability and balance within you as you do your work.

Simple breathing exercises — Creating an inner calm, these exercises can be used at any time to manage stress and anxiety or to expand your experience of your body and yourself.

QiGong energy healing techniques – Practicing QiGong enhances your personal energy and opens channels for healing.  The source of this and all healing is love.

Customized rituals – Rituals can help you to name, claim, and honor the meaning and significance of events in your life.  I will help you to create and/or carry out rituals that honor your personal life journey.

A mirror for women going through menopause and other life changes – People don’t like to talk about uncomfortable experiences.  Going through menopause was very difficult for me, and part of the difficulty was feeling that I couldn’t talk about it.  I’m here so you can talk about it, yell about it, name it, claim it, love it or hate it – and get through it, feeling less isolated and strange.

An open heart – I continue to learn the power of forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness, and I seek to offer that opening to you.  Sometimes simply naming this desire and speaking the words can open up worlds within us.


I offer 50 minute sessions in person or via Skype/Zoom.


Please contact me at or 218-310-4913.
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